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March 28, 2007

In parallel


Back from Miami -- you can read some recaps over at our Flavorpill WMC '07 Miami Guide, and I'll be posting more photos here soon, plus a recap in my upcoming Month in Techno column for Pitchfork. That's Robots' Bill Patrick above, killing it, accompanied by a very thizzed-looking clubgoer. Love the rhyming t-shirts.

While you're waiting for a real update, why not head over to the MUTEK site and get a load of what's announced for this year's fest: Matias Aguayo & Roccness, Gui Boratto, Candie Hank, Chic Miniature, Cobblestone Jazz, Colleen, Digitaline, Gangpol & Mit, Heartthrob, Kode 9, Michael Mayer, Mr Oizo, MyMy, Pantha du Prince, Rhythm & Sound, Shackleton, Someone Else, Jesse Somfay, the Wighnomy Brothers.... and I know of a few more zingers to come.

March 20, 2007

Dear you


Whirlwind never stops. Just back from San Francisco, where Matthew Dear turned in a tight performance as Audion (to what, it must be said, was a seriously under-attended Mezzanine). Off now to Miami. In the coming days, keep yr eyes on Flavorpill's WMC '07 Miami Guide for party previews, listings, Miami tips, interviews, festival bits 'n' bobs, and commentary (slightly less opinionated than you might find here, but hey, we's family 'round these parts).

Notably absent from my schedule was SXSW — or perhaps not notably; it can hardly be too surprising that I wouldn't get much out of that particular sprawling mess. (Not saying I'll get a ton out of Miami's sprawling mess, but you gotta choose your battles.) But I was pleased to discover 17dots' day-by-day coverage of the event, which managed to captivate the attention of even this bedrock non-rocker. Props to the 17dots crew (who, full disclosure, are co-workers of mine) for turning out the engaging, surprising site. Bookmark it, and be sure to read Yancey's post on Matthew Dear's new single, "Deserter" (streaming here) which is really, really, really good. Now'd be a time to buy stock in Gold Toe: his forthcoming full-length is going to knock a lot of socks off.

March 15, 2007



Air-raid sirens, elephantine feedback. The sounds of labor have never been as jubilant as they are in "Düsseldorf," the ringing of a sledgehammer turning into a doorbell's sprightly ping. From the get-go, album opener "Warum" sounds like it's falling apart, its multi-tracked handclaps crumbling like bad masonry. But this isn't decay for decay's sake.

[Excerpted from today's Pitchfork review.]

March 14, 2007

Are friends eclectic?


*Photos courtesy Dustin

You decide. For your listening pleasure, two half-hour sets of the DJ Committee expanded lineup (aka Matt Quiet plus Genevieve "Denwave" Dellinger plus me, aka the WASTED PORTLAND YOUTH CRU) recorded last Friday at Portland's Apotheke. (Special thanks for Let's Go Outside for recording the set.)

As ambient as your life, each set is a three-turntable (often all at once) moosh of Brigitte Fontaine, Charles Curtis, His Name Is Alive, new age meditation records, filigreed (filagreeable?) acoustic guitar, Arthur Russell, Joan La Barbara, drones, stoner rock, scone rock, and other hipster touchstones. Oh yeah, plus Kalabrese towards the end there, because we needed a little pop in our lives, and Seefeel to close things out, because we're nostalgic like that.

dj_committee_-_live_@_apotheke_2007-03-09_set_1.mp3 (76 MB)

dj_committee_-_live_@_apotheke_2007-03-09_set_2.mp3 (88 MB)

Download via Sendspace, share with your friends, let me know if the links expire, and they may or may not get re-upped.

March 03, 2007

The devil in us

Me on Black Devil Disco Club over at eMusic. And hold onto your shirts: Black Devil In Dub, featuring collabs with Prins Thomas, In Flagranti, Quiet Village and otheres, soon comes from Lo Recordings.

Beats Me


Don't sweat the Technics: Sculptural instrument by Walter Kitundu, from "Beats Per Minute: Contemporary Artists Influenced by Craft and Folk Art Practices" at San Francisco's Museum of Craft and Folk Art ( 51 Yerba Buena Lane in downtown SF) March 13 - April 29, 2007.

March 01, 2007



Welcome Pitchfork linkers. It'll be a moment before there's a proper update around these parts. Deadlines loom and lead-times doom. In the interim, spend a little time here:

17dots, eMusic's new (and unofficial, somehow) blog

Portland designer, Denwave proprietor and DJ Committee member Genevieve Dellinger launches a new collection

Throwing a party at WMC? Tell me about it here... More to be unveiled on the Earplug/Flavorpill front very shortly...