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In parallel


Back from Miami -- you can read some recaps over at our Flavorpill WMC '07 Miami Guide, and I'll be posting more photos here soon, plus a recap in my upcoming Month in Techno column for Pitchfork. That's Robots' Bill Patrick above, killing it, accompanied by a very thizzed-looking clubgoer. Love the rhyming t-shirts.

While you're waiting for a real update, why not head over to the MUTEK site and get a load of what's announced for this year's fest: Matias Aguayo & Roccness, Gui Boratto, Candie Hank, Chic Miniature, Cobblestone Jazz, Colleen, Digitaline, Gangpol & Mit, Heartthrob, Kode 9, Michael Mayer, Mr Oizo, MyMy, Pantha du Prince, Rhythm & Sound, Shackleton, Someone Else, Jesse Somfay, the Wighnomy Brothers.... and I know of a few more zingers to come.


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