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Dear you


Whirlwind never stops. Just back from San Francisco, where Matthew Dear turned in a tight performance as Audion (to what, it must be said, was a seriously under-attended Mezzanine). Off now to Miami. In the coming days, keep yr eyes on Flavorpill's WMC '07 Miami Guide for party previews, listings, Miami tips, interviews, festival bits 'n' bobs, and commentary (slightly less opinionated than you might find here, but hey, we's family 'round these parts).

Notably absent from my schedule was SXSW — or perhaps not notably; it can hardly be too surprising that I wouldn't get much out of that particular sprawling mess. (Not saying I'll get a ton out of Miami's sprawling mess, but you gotta choose your battles.) But I was pleased to discover 17dots' day-by-day coverage of the event, which managed to captivate the attention of even this bedrock non-rocker. Props to the 17dots crew (who, full disclosure, are co-workers of mine) for turning out the engaging, surprising site. Bookmark it, and be sure to read Yancey's post on Matthew Dear's new single, "Deserter" (streaming here) which is really, really, really good. Now'd be a time to buy stock in Gold Toe: his forthcoming full-length is going to knock a lot of socks off.


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I was at Mezzanine that night too -- Matthew Dear was awesome. And attendance was pathetic for a supposedly world-class clubbing city.

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