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Santiago Mas

Forgot to mention in my last post -- if you want to check one of my occasional forays into gear-reviewing, I tackle Audio-Innovate's AEM-100 DJ mixer over at Grooves (which, if you hadn't figured out, has scrapped the e-subscription model, and is now 100% free on der web - nice one, Sean!).

Also, don't sleep on Jess Harvell's Depeche-Mode career assessment over at Pitchfork; penultimate graf probably constitutes conflict-of-interest, but fuck it, this is one of my favorite pieces of writing of the year.


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hey philip, i really enjoyed your column on pitchfork this month. just wondering about your top 2 tracks of the year, villalobos and the radioslave remix, i just don't get it. especially the radioslave remix, why is this your 2nd fav of the year, to me there's a hundred + songs(alot referred to by you) which achieve more than this one ? thanks, don't really expect a response.

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