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Desert Lights

What good timing: I arrive in Chile, and eMusic publishes my column "The Sound of Exiled Chile" (catchy title, that), a brief introduction to eMusic catalog holdings from Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Dandy Jack, Señor Coconut, Sieg Über Die Sonne and Chica and the Folder. As an added bonus, there's a bit on a fantastic Violetta Parra album available on the site, a highly recommended collection of acoustic folksongs featuring only Parra's guitar and her absolutely heavenly voice. I didn't find room for them in the column, but two more recommended albums on eMusic are Quilapayun and Hector Duvachelle's Chile: The Siege of Santa Maria de Iquique, "A People's Cantata of the Chilean Nitrate Mines," and Chile: Songs for the Resistance, a collection of leftist folksongs made all the more relevant with Pinochet's heart attack this week. Both were released on Paredon, a leftist label active between 1970 and 1985, now a part of the Smithsonian. (For a free sample, check Paredon's streaming radio program, Songs of Protest: The 1970s, available on the Smithsonian/Paredon page linked just above.)


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hi philip.

sorry to write you like this, but your e-mail is not posted on your blog. at least not where i can find it.

my name is shawn reynaldo. i just moved to buenos aires this week after spending pretty much my whole life in the Bay Area. i believe we have some friends in common like Vivian Host. my girlfriend rachel actually sent you a few checks when she interned at XLR8R a couple years back.

anyways, i was a DJ in SF, both in clubs and on the radio (i had a weekly show on KALX for many years and also co-hosted the Subsonic show on Live 105 for many years). i also run a label called Double Negative Records. now that i'm down here i want to get involved in the BA scene. i just saw that you are in South America right now.

hopefully this won't seem odd but i was hoping you might be willing/able to provide me some pointers. i'd like to know where the "cool" stuff/people can be found. that way i can avoid only going to places with awful top 40 eurodance-style tunes.

anyways, i appreciate whatever help you can provide. even if it's just an e-mail or two. if you're in BA and want to meet up for coffee or something, i'd also be into that.

thanks in advance. my e-mail is discoshawn@gmail.com. sorry for posting this in your comments section. feel free to delete it.

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