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September 16, 2006

Huffin', puffin', blowin' house down

The Village Voice redefines the art of the puff piece. Check out all that breathless wordplay: "…drawing 45,000-plus from all over the world to see the major gods in electronic music stand triumphant on 12 laser-saturated stages." I thought someone was being snarky, but no, given the run on adjectives here – "enormously commercially successful," "far exceeded, "icons chiseled in Mount Rushmore fashion on the psyche of electronic music" – you quickly realize that irony's not the point. Big up "the big boys." There's more puffery going on here than in a school full of blowfish. Stoner blowfish.

(It's weird, too, because Makkada B. Selah doesn't seem like the biggest rave fan, really, commercial massives or otherwise. Is the Voice even having to outsource enthusiasm these days?)

It's weird how often electronic music's defenders (and this is one of those times that I almost hate to be classed as one) fall back on the spirit of community service as a defense. "Faibisch says Moby deserves his hosannas: 'He's done a hell of a lot for electronic music in helping it get recognized in the mainstream.'"

Right, because god only knows, the only thing that matters is mainstream recognition. (Where I'm from, people like Ultra DJs have done more damage to techno's credibility than otherwise.) But to these guys it's more along the lines of: Who cares if the music's any good? It's all about the scene, maaaan. Semper fuckin' fi.

Problem is, bad music is still bad music, and lame scenes are still lame scenes. Tripe isn't a pearly gateway drug to transcendence; it's still just coiled, slimy innards. With friends like these, who needs friends? The good stuff will find its own audiences—the ones that deserve it, and vice versa. Just like the other stuff, actually.

September 13, 2006

Déjà vu, distributed

How odd: This would seem to be a page right out of William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Unsurprisingly, real life turns out to be less interesting than art.

September 12, 2006

Clayton Counts' Lonely Hearts Club Band: Just another hillbilly schmuck

Lil' guy tilts at windbags. The sentiments have been expressed before, but rarely so wittily. Shine on you crazy diatribe!

(But seriously, what EMI is proposing is scawwy, vewwy scawwy. Will those fucks stop at nothing?)

At mid-length last, a link

Here's a new link to that set I mentioned a few posts back, via Megaupload. (Thanks for the tips, commenters!) Not the be-all and end-all of minimaliciousness, perhaps, but nevertheless a steady groove for night driving, house cleaning, sandblasting... you get the idea. May contain trace elements of Mobilee, Lan, Einmaleinsmusik, Bpitch, Perlon, and the like. (May not, too.) Enjoy!

September 09, 2006


Since when does Apple put a bandwidth restriction on .Mac accounts? Apparently, since now--while my average data transfer had been around 20 or 22 GB per month through July (when it plummeted to 5.6 GB... odd), suddenly they've slapped a 12.5 GB monthly limit. ("Buy more!" ...no thanks.) Oddly, Apple's own .Mac Help page seems to contractict what they say on my Data Transfer History page. Get yr story straight, Apple!

I can't upload this mix to Yousendit as it's a maddening 100.6 MB (while YSI's limit is 100 MB), and I'd rather not compress it down to 128kbps. Anyone know any other, better, freer hosting/droploading options?

September 07, 2006

Raum Eins

Since I've been so quiet for a while, I figured I'd give you something to keep your ears ringing for a bit: 75-minute DJ set (by me, duh) recorded live at Raum Barcelona, July 2006. (Thanks to Jeff @ Play.fm for the recording.)

Download here.

September 06, 2006

Westward, Ho!


Dear me, is that the time already? I'm afraid it is: Pitchfork Wednesday. This month's column is a little more thinkpiecey than usual, leading up to a more in-depth excursus next month on what, exactly, I find so damned captivating in the recent trend for the long and ribbon-like.

Other recent pieces of interest:
Ghosts in the Machine: Dub and Electronic Music, emusic
What's in a Name? The Curious Case of the Techno Alias and Other Faceless Bollox, emusic

We're experiencing a brief productivity slowdown here at Calle Girona, owing in no small part to having spent the bulk of August in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne--about which there will be photos and perhaps the odd idea or three soon come, promise. In the meantime, it's suitcase time again; headed back towards North America for a couple of months of family-time. Look for me in the following spots:

Thursday 28 September: Techno Sol at Saucebox (Portland, OR)

Saturday 21 October: Holocene w/ MSTRKRFT, Copy, Brian Foote (Portland, OR)

Saturday 21 October: with a favorite artist at a venue dear to my heart, soon to be announced (San Francisco, CA) - fucked up my calendar on this one... apologies to all for the mixup. Everyone in SF should be sure to go see Akufen at Kontrol, if for any reason you were living under a rock and hadn't heard about it...

Friday 27 October: The Bunker at Subtonic (NYC)

Friday 3 November - Saturday 4 November: Sonic Focus conference at Brown University featuring panel, performance and (hopefully) afterparty (Providence, RI)

That's (mostly) it for now. For booking inquiries, get in touch at psherburne [at] gmail.com. In the meanwhile, here's (something like) a top 11:

Reanimator, Reanimator (Community Library
Andy Stott, Nervous EP (Modern Love)
Chloe & Sascha Funke, "Point Final" (Bpitch Control)
Tekel, "Smet" (Initial Cuts)
Raudive, "Turn It Off" (Klang)
Mr. G, "Egg'd (Rekid Remix)" (Rekids)
Nick Holder, "Erotic Illusions (TTR Mix by Steve Bug & Martin Landsky)" (Poker Flat)
The Knife, "We Share Our Mother's Health (Radio Slave Remix)" (Rabid)
Exercise One, "12 Years" + "Yellow Crystal Seed" (Lan Muzic)
Damián Schwartz, "Ruidos y Frecuencias 1" (Apnea)
Damián Schwartz, "Cosasquesecaen" (Mupa)