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Westward, Ho!


Dear me, is that the time already? I'm afraid it is: Pitchfork Wednesday. This month's column is a little more thinkpiecey than usual, leading up to a more in-depth excursus next month on what, exactly, I find so damned captivating in the recent trend for the long and ribbon-like.

Other recent pieces of interest:
Ghosts in the Machine: Dub and Electronic Music, emusic
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We're experiencing a brief productivity slowdown here at Calle Girona, owing in no small part to having spent the bulk of August in Berlin, DŁsseldorf and Cologne--about which there will be photos and perhaps the odd idea or three soon come, promise. In the meantime, it's suitcase time again; headed back towards North America for a couple of months of family-time. Look for me in the following spots:

Thursday 28 September: Techno Sol at Saucebox (Portland, OR)

Saturday 21 October: Holocene w/ MSTRKRFT, Copy, Brian Foote (Portland, OR)

Saturday 21 October: with a favorite artist at a venue dear to my heart, soon to be announced (San Francisco, CA) - fucked up my calendar on this one... apologies to all for the mixup. Everyone in SF should be sure to go see Akufen at Kontrol, if for any reason you were living under a rock and hadn't heard about it...

Friday 27 October: The Bunker at Subtonic (NYC)

Friday 3 November - Saturday 4 November: Sonic Focus conference at Brown University featuring panel, performance and (hopefully) afterparty (Providence, RI)

That's (mostly) it for now. For booking inquiries, get in touch at psherburne [at] gmail.com. In the meanwhile, here's (something like) a top 11:

Reanimator, Reanimator (Community Library
Andy Stott, Nervous EP (Modern Love)
Chloe & Sascha Funke, "Point Final" (Bpitch Control)
Tekel, "Smet" (Initial Cuts)
Raudive, "Turn It Off" (Klang)
Mr. G, "Egg'd (Rekid Remix)" (Rekids)
Nick Holder, "Erotic Illusions (TTR Mix by Steve Bug & Martin Landsky)" (Poker Flat)
The Knife, "We Share Our Mother's Health (Radio Slave Remix)" (Rabid)
Exercise One, "12 Years" + "Yellow Crystal Seed" (Lan Muzic)
DamiŠn Schwartz, "Ruidos y Frecuencias 1" (Apnea)
DamiŠn Schwartz, "Cosasquesecaen" (Mupa)


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hrrrm, that Andy Stott record is in my wishlist at Juno. I shall have to check the audio of these others you mention Philip...feels like I'm moving into your orbit...

It's funny to bump in to you in Koeln at the Kompakt store and party. Looking forward to seeing the pics. I have some video of Reinhard Voigt in the back room- fantastiche!

Hey Phil

Nice likkle primer on the later incarnations of dub for emusic. You'll want to change one wee mistake however as Bullwackies is in fact Loyd Barnes adn Steve as is stated there...

smet is killerrr

That Rekid mix of ECD'd is top drawer monged 118bpm action. The only annoying thing about it is that some of the sounds don't sit too well in the mix. Good to see some ComLib love going on as well, although I haven't got round to checking the Reanimator LP yet. Looking forward to your Tape chart by the way.

PS - I have something to discuss with you. I'll send you a message on myspace and we can take it from there. Take care!

hhmmm. let's see. oct 21 + flavorite sf venue + a favorite artist = could it possibly be...akufen at rx gallery?

Hey Philip,

I'm excited, you're going to share your minimal smarts with us New Yorkers in October! I can't wait. I saw Ellen Allien and Apparat's amazing performance at this Japanese ballroom here a few weeks ago--now I see why you spend so much time in Berlin. Weirdly enough, I just went to Portland for the first time last month and now I see why everyone I know wants to move there one day also. The Oregon coast is gorgeous!

Talk soon, be well.

hi philip,

i see that you'll be in nyc for the bunker night. i am the host of a guest dj program on WNYU 89.1 FM new york called "rotation," which airs fridays from 10:30 p.m.- 1 a.m. if you would be interested at all in stopping by for a quick set before the bunker party, please email me at rotation@wnyu.org


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