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Since when does Apple put a bandwidth restriction on .Mac accounts? Apparently, since now--while my average data transfer had been around 20 or 22 GB per month through July (when it plummeted to 5.6 GB... odd), suddenly they've slapped a 12.5 GB monthly limit. ("Buy more!" ...no thanks.) Oddly, Apple's own .Mac Help page seems to contractict what they say on my Data Transfer History page. Get yr story straight, Apple!

I can't upload this mix to Yousendit as it's a maddening 100.6 MB (while YSI's limit is 100 MB), and I'd rather not compress it down to 128kbps. Anyone know any other, better, freer hosting/droploading options?


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Jed & Enj0y are right - Megaupload seems the best for 100+ mb files. I've used it to host all of the Tape mixes and they're all still on there apart from one. The megaupload thing is that if it keeps getting downloaded, they'll carry on hosting it so I think you'll be very safe with that!
Take care, and I will drop you that mail that I was promising to very soon!

Hi there Philip, have you tried on sitesled.com? Well, they provide you with free space, though you have to build "something" as an index. Now they're offering 250 MB and it just works for me, check it man, I hope it can work for you. Really nice sets! Congrats from Mexico.

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