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Creepy crawly

Me on Dominik Eulberg's excellent Kreucht & Fleucht in today's Pitchfork. I feel a bit badly I didn't dig deeper into the individual tracks and their interleaving, but wordcount's a bitch like that.

Now it's off to Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event and a panel alongside XLR8R editor and Syrup Girl Vivian Host on "the future of music," which if you ask me (and apparently they will) will almost certainly involve a fusion of nu-folk and hip-house, with liberal dosings of ketaminimal for good measure. (Don't hold me to this.) I promise to post some nice photos of canals upon my return next week.


Hi, its look that folk kind of thing is more and more popular these days. Here on Balkan we had a very groovy folk history. And its based on fusions.
Here are tune we done 3 years ago... its not digged to deep, just made to be accesible...maybe we are on the right way to make it...




Maestro! Maestro!

But Phil, "Why iz zee trance zoo underestimated?" ;)

A hybrid beetween tech-house and vicious serbian turbo-folk that virtually destroyed music scene on Balkans is disgusting. Don't know is it for dancing or raving Balkan orgies with drunk Kusturica characters enjoying war crimes, raping Bosnian women or just being uttery out of their minds. Sick.

Ricardo does not listen to such trance crap!!! Everybody can listen to this music via soulseek. You are wrong, boy.

uh, what exactly are you talking about?

I also could say uh. Think that some people missed the point about nu folk which you phillipe mention.
Sorry for web space but will try to little bit deeper explain some motivs behind my post.
First of all, I am a promoter, DJ and producer promoting playing, producing and proactivly working on undergound music here in Croatia. (will not here put what i doing.. some people know what i doing and for me is enough) And we dont have any sponsors or supporters here, so its much more difficult to develop scene.

Dear static_light, have to say you that turbo folk you mention doesnt have any relation to folk music which is used in a tunes I posted. We used the sample from the music people used to dance hundreds years ago.

Generaly speaking, Turbo Folk you are talking about, socialy wise is mainstream and musicly wise is the same shit as a Britny Spears and other MTV crap, but simply people here on Balkan was bombarded by US, and women was raped in Bosnia while the UN forces was shooting it on video camera, so people are more patriot and prefer enjoying half naked bodies of balkan singers instead of US crap. sekaaleksic.com/ or ceca-raznatovic.com/ just examples of how our mainstream chicks look)

static_light, your coments are aimed at complitly different segment of the music, which main problem is quality of production, but as most of the things are on sale, sure that at one point people who are doing this music (turbo folk) will come to for example to neptunes and order beats from them, so then mainstream could be impacted well. Also its not fair to talk about Balkan orgies and rapes and crime on Balkan as a sick thing, when at the same time US top 10 charts singers had at least 5 bullets in body in awarage.
But at the other side if you are not into that kind of music, its fair enough to say and I respect it in all terms.

So back to the point, nu folk which is phillip mentioned is one thing, and personally agree with the statement that dance music could find insiration in old dance folk music (this music was done for people to dance) so i posted our work on that subject (please listen fabric 24 1st tune - sorry people but its reality).

And as here we are discussing the trends in undeground electronic music, not in mainstream culture and music, I am proposing to listen
Alden Tyrell - Other Worlds Robots / Disco Lunar Module Rmx (CLONE) in particular disco lunar modul remix by lindstrom
Which is great example of old folk presented in nu folk way which is Phillip proposing. And is on the way of music we done. (Frankie records 3 - b side second tune is also good example - sure Phillip you have this record, try to listen)

And also have to coment mentionig Ricardo as a reference. It will be sad if we will in undergound music have just one person to refer. Just think Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy as a main figures in begining of the house music, but complitly different aproach to mixing and tunes selection and working the crowd on the floor. So personaly I am not doing music which Ricardo will like, and belive that all artist should aproach creative work in a way that they creative aimes are achived, not in a way that they favorite dj/producer will like it. Couse if this happen we had over producition tunes which sounds similar, and every body in the chain of consuming music suffer. From labels to dancers on the floor. Even journalist ;-)
Respect to all
peace and beats

sergej, defining music in terms of production quality is not really what turbo folk is about. it's the same like you say pink floyd are great, early clash is shit. production doesn't mean a thing.

and you go a really (too) long way wit mentioning alden tyrell and turbo folk in same text, it is kind of offensive. alden is superb in his work and does not deserve to be put near drunk balkan whores dancing naked to war-lords and criminals. his style is italo, it has nothing to do with folk. or if you wish, all music in it's first root is derived from traditional folk music, even classical (but we do not call it folk!). interpretation is what makes it different, there was a BBC documentary about the roots of music, hope you saw it somewhere...

i know your work on balkan scene sergej, it's really sad you waste your time on smuggling turbo folk into tech house. such a waste and you so easily forget that turbo folk scene virtually erased pop culture on Balkans...

your choice really...

p.s. in the 80's balkans had the vivid music scene , but in 00's, there is nothing: everything comes to turbo folk...now you are putting it in tech-house... whats next? turbo-clash??? folk-metal-reagae-turbo? War-criminal bride Ceca singing for Felix Da Housecat?????


i can't stop smiling imagining Philips face expression reading all this, btw, nice Familia review! has anyone heard this 2 AM/FM / Pt.1 thing?

ah yes, static_light has the point .)

Please listen
Alden Tyrell - Other Worlds Robots / Disco Lunar Module Rmx (CLONE) in particular disco lunar modul remix by lindstrom




And agree with production statement in a way (no subject od discussion)

And as I stated
"Dear static_light, have to say you that turbo folk you mention doesnt have any relation to folk music which is used in a tunes I posted. We used the sample from the music people used to dance hundreds years ago."

and was related to nu folk - not to turbo folk.

And Turbo Folk sucks for me in a big way. But Etno music from Balkan is cool and I am sure that time will come when balkan etno (NOT TURBO FOLK) will kick the floor around the globe
The most famous Folk Festival in Yugoslavia
"I didn't know you could play trumpet thet way"
Miles Dives, a Guca Festival visitor.


and only from zagreb we had about 55 records last season, and mostly of the artist didnt get penny for it....couse for us is good promotion and for you is a business....
so we are quite happy with the outputs


"War-criminal bride Ceca singing for Felix Da Housecat????? "

felix put the price tag on him self so for me it will be very cool to hear it... and sure it will be better then half of the bands today on MTV...
and her hasbund was little bit bigger face then most of the "gangsta" idiots in US

and just as reference on what I am about

Ergo Phizmiz released the tune on wire CD.. dont remember which one... but had a very good guca style tune there.. :-)

plus DJ 3000 from Detroit doing a great stuff on this subject too

and list will grow
and we could look on sexualno raspolozena is a early clash tune, and Alden Tyrell nu folk italo one is Pink Flyod...and what they do on the dance floor - they could compete shoulder by shoulder, checked !!!
try it...
and please peace mate... dont wnat to have clash with anybody here.

It is correct that turbo folk is the biggest plaque that hit balkan ever, consuming any type of music and destroying it, but it's not the same as old fashiones folk music. It just has the same roots but there is some cultural value in original folk music.

It is funny what static_light writes about folk but it's not true, it's like you say that all techno lovers always take E, it's a stereotype. So I would like to know where did he get that information about folk music (exept from Kusturica movies).

I am balkanese too and hate turbo folk with all my heart. But the turno folk scene is so big that the consumers of that music totally differ, too. Some are village idiots with underdeveloped music culture taste and like what that cabbage does to their brain but many other just go to turbo folk clubs because that's the only place with people and fun, and usually can't listen to that music sober. Or they go there for easy women (who at the other hand go there for hordes of horny drunks, so they can pick). It's just so big that you can't evade it sometimes. In croatia the scene isn't as big as in bosnia and serbia where turbo folk is everywhere and small places are occupied by that.

"and her hasbund was little bit bigger face then most of the "gangsta" idiots in US"

I think that this statement nicely sums up what are Sergej and his crew about: measuring what criminal is cooler and concluding that attrocious war criminal is "bigger face" than gangsta idiots on MTV.

What are the criteria? Who killed more people??? This is really ugly, even to read.

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