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Scan me

Third post in a single day! I don't know what's gotten into me. But if you happen to be near a computer this Saturday between 11pm and 1am CEST (that's 10pm in London, 5pm on the East Coast in the US, and 2pm on the West), tune into Crossfader on ScannerFM.com for some idle chit-chat between myself and David Puente (in Spanish only, sorry Anglophones) and 11 mostly-to-brandy-new tunes from AM/PM, Sleep Archive, George Issakidis, Matt John, Ricardo Villalobos, Aswefall, Motiivi:Tunetematon, RA-X, Reiky, 2 Dollar Egg (Audio mix), and Beckett & Taylor of Hand on the Plow. Full tracklisting here.


David Puente es dios, joder.

Will it be posted online? (good to see you back up and posting, that was a long wait there, phew!)

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