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Disco comes to Frisco

Me on Isole in SF Weekly.


Nice article. That year spent on his live set paid off well - I saw him last month in Tokyo and it was short but really something special - it was playful and careful and it quickly won people over.

did you, by any chance, grow up in france as the child of missionaries? if so, please email me....kas00a@acu.edu

Fantastic piece, Philip -- bravo! I'll be catching him here in New York next Tuesday at APT, can't wait.

Thanks for the great write-up! Beats anything we got up here in Portland for his show. I have the privilege of playing with him up here tonight and then seeing him next week at Decibel Festival in Seattle.

That SF show should be great!

nice review.
SF Weekly, too. Wow. I used to be music ed there way back in like ... 19 ... 90? Yep. Good to see it's still going strong.

Damn, I'm jelious that SF gets all the cool shows and Sacramento gets jack squat. I wish I still lived there.

BTW, "Frisco" is a derogatory term and native San Franciscans will hang you upside down if you dare mention that hated word.

hm, well, "frisco" is sort of a question of perspective.... white, upper-class san franciscans and mega-fans of herb caen will take offense, but people of color use "frisco" freely all the time... it's time for a recuperation of the term, i say!

Yeah, I agree. Dare I say it: %$*!@# Herb Caen.

gotta agree with phil... "Frisco" is coming back -- in a big way. "San Fran," however: still not cool. The city misses you, phil, regardless of what you call it.

oh, that's not to say that phil ever called it "san fran," btw

I was just in San Fran and I am from Montreal... I have to say... There is a lot of work to be done my friends... lots...

call the goddam city San Paco or San Curro -and even San Paquito- and nobody will offense, nor the black people neither the snob white dominant crowd. Or something better: SAN FRASCO.

xpost: yeah, you should the construction work on the bay bridge and octavia blvd overpass. there is work being done, mon ami!

"should SEE," i mean

It's actually biological rather than social, i.e. rich white snobs. People born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area have feelings of extreme discomfort towards the word Frisco because of a sub-gene of the gene that makes us hate L.A. Contrary to what some have said here, there is no conclusive data this gene divides along racial lines. It's interesting to note that most linguists agree the word Frisco actually originated in L.A. around the turn of the century but was not made popular until 1977 By TV's Larry of Three's Company fame. If you have this gene you will never be able to accept the word "Frisco" as back because for you it was never there. Others around the world have this gene, though it is rare east of Berkeley or south of Daily City.

Captain, yeah, that was just about what I was going to point out.

I'm still trying to figure out the migration of Filipinos from the warm, tropical P.I. to the freezing, fog-cloaked Daly City (my relatives could never explain to me why).

Frisco works, but everyone 'round here just calls it the City. Saying "San Fran" will get you gawked at. Nice article, shame I missed the show.

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