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What, me sleep?


I'm dreadfully overdue for a proper update, but that's been tough to do, given a schedule that's seen shows from Dakar & Ginser, Alex Under, Lawrence, M.A.N.D.Y., Basteroid, Tiefschwarz, Cristian Vogel, Donna Regina, and Michael Mayer all in just over a week. Plus some band that sounded a whole lot like Coldplay. (And if I'd puesto las pilas, I could have caught Misc., Dominik Eulberg, and Donnacha Costello as well — plus Ada and Tiga if they hadn't each cancelled.) The musical offerings in Barcelona definitively do not suck. But that being said, far too many nights out end up like the morning pictured above (shot on a rooftop overlooking all of Barcelona, from Tibidabo to the cranes down at the port... poor DJD! must have been suffering from severe vertigo — or maybe just solar shock), and there are still musings like this to turn in, and new issues of Earplug to turn out. So hold tight, listen to the Matias Aguayo album on Kompakt, because it's by far one of the year's best, and watch this space for proper blogging soon, maybe even a Reynolds-style list of faves and unfaves, because at least as far as the former goes, early autumn is yielding a bountiful harvest.



Creo que conozco el de la foto. Es más feo que pegar a un padre.

Hay que empezar a castellanizar este blog de una puta vez. Tanto San Francisco y tanta leche... jaté.

Pozí, Javier, pozí.

javier, chucha huevon, aun yo no entiendo la hue'a que dices. tanta leche? jaté? vive san pancho, cachai?

I have a suggestion re: your pitchfork column


for some reason, it works for me.

why not christening it "mosstechno" or "mosshouse"? IT MAKES LOT OF SENSE.

how about this name: Trance

ok.. just kidding, but i remember right after the acid house days, there were lots of weird and hypnotic tracks coming out that we referred to as trance, but this was way before the cheesy trance anthems came out. This type of music was a bit more basic, sticking to 808 and 909 type of drums. Gear was quite more expensive back then. Todays weird techno seems to be rooted in the latest technologies *cough* Native Instruments Reaktor *cough*, where warbly and unpredictable sounds are for the taking.


la zorraaaa!!!! la huea la cago!!!!

Hi Philip,

Can I ask a question: I was curious about the Dominic Eulberg mix album you recommended, so I downloaded it off the internet to check it out (as I often do before I buy something I really like).

Now one thing: at the beginning and end of many of the tracks, it seems to switch very abruptly between songs. Is this on purpose? Or is it just the downloaded version that is somehow different?

I betray my lack of knowledge, perhaps, but I am really curious as the changes are so abrupt that I think I would find it hard to dance to!

I am talking about the double album "Kreucht & Fleucht"


i agree with term trance !
and its all very very overhyped already (except "trance style" which is coming out these days
but thankfully detroit is rasing again
and will be free to call Kompakt Europe Subliminal...

did you download it as a single file, or as multiple MP3s? and are you
listening in itunes? i tunes is horrible with mixed CDs - if you rip them to
your computer, and then play them back in itunes, it creates gaps between
each track, so seamlessly mixed CDs sound like trainwrecks w/ each
transition. that may be the problem. the 2CD is totally seamless.

Hey Mr. No Blog,

Just read your epiphanies article in the latest Wire. Really great writing. That's all I really have to say. It took me on a journey (somewhat like a dj) and it was a nice one. I hope you let us hear your tunes some time.


was the band that sounded suspiciously like coldplay called aqualung? i was just curious.

Hello all!
Happy Independence Day!

Hello all!
Happy Independence Day!

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