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Singing about architecture

Me on Luomo's Vocalcity in Pitchfork.


my whole body shaked on the last lines.

I disagree that 9.7 rating. It should be 9.8. Serious.

I'm still trying to "get" into that record. I'm more of a "Mutilia" man.

"Heroin house" forever!

I've only heard "Tessio," and it's been one of my favorite tracks ever since . . . for some reason I've never actually bought the album, but now I'm definitely keen on (re)visiting it. Thanks as always for the brilliant insight!!

OK, I'm now converted.

All it took was listening to "Market" while staring at my iTunes visualizer for 10 minutes.

smiles and tears

What a beautiful review. I never grow tired of Vocalcity, since its released propelled me further into the world of house/techno.

Hey Phil, you did a bang-up job on your "epiphany" for The Wire.

As for the $64,000 question, what did Ameoba end up paying for your 3,000 records?

thanks cameron. as for the question, i'm not saying - but you can bet it was nowhere near $64,000....

Great review for a great album!
Tip tip: If you sign up on emusic.com you get 50 songs for free, and if you remember to cancel your subscription within 14 days you don't pay them anything. They have Vocalcity :D

(that said though, you really have to own the album on vinyl)

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