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Wild blue yonderin'


If you're in Barcelona this weekend, stop by to hear my talk with Javier Blanquez and Oriol Rossell: "Una introducció a tot allò que sempre va voler saber però que mai no va gosar preguntar sobre la música electrònica," or "Una introducción a todo que siempre quiso saber pero nunca se atrevió a preguntar sobre la musica electrónica." Or, for the rest of you, "Everything you always wanted to know about electronic music (but were afraid to ask)."

Enlightening? One hopes. Frightening? To me, yes. If anyone's got any good smart drink recipes, do send them my way.


Drain a caraf of sangria for me Phil! Salud!

I will go!

totally random but anyone know what's up with mutek in montreal this april. details are sparse as far as i can tell on the main mutek site. i figured the well travelled mr. sherburne could fill us in ...

i meant mutek in mexico.

I went to your speech last friday and I have to say I liked it so much, thank you! :)

I went to your speech too in Barcelona, and it was very interesting. Especially I liked the relationships about electronic music and sociology. And...felicidades por tu español, es mucho mejor que mi inglés!

anyone recorded this by any chance?

Mutek Mexico has its own site at http://www.strobe.com.mx/mutek/

To the best of my knowledge, no definite lineup has been confirmed yet, but apparently Andy Vaz, Rechenzentrum, Skoltz Kolgen, Leandro Fresco and Isoleé are slated to perform...amongst others, I'm sure

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