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...and thrown into the throes of catching up, but expect new words soon on topics which may or may not include the resurgence of minimal, the birth of manimal, the cushioned assault of Nathan Fake, and how to turn a guiri into a popsickle.

Now go buy Cio D'or's "Hokus Pokus" (Triebstoff), My My's "Klatta EP" (Playhouse - and skip straight to the tune "Bel Étage"), and Ada's remix of Kiki's "So Easy to Forget" (Bpitch), and don't say I didn't warn you.


philip - i love the warm orange glows and soft blues in your two traveling pics.

not to pre-empt the cushioned assault of fake, but i really can't get over the bitter-defeatest tone of "coheed" and how similar it feels to dear's last mini-lp.

with all the recommendations, no love for my best friend? their latest releases are burning. m.a.n.d.y.'s and that new toro 12" is wonderful - the morphous flow of "phantom drive" follows "cosmic sandwich" in all the right ways. but i haven't heard any of the recs, so i'll go off and check that.

did the conference go well? hopefully after smart drinks and electronic myths everything fell together...

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