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In the words of Marlon Brando, "What have you got?"

Yes, this year's 2004 Pazz & Jop critical alignment ratings are out, and I seem to be finishing lower than ever. And this was supposed to be the year I got all populist and shit, what with my Feists and Kylies. I don't pretend to understand the math behind this, except that I think the index rates deviance from the statistical norm, among all Pazz & Jop voters. Seeing as I rank 730 out of 791, I am one deviant bitch. (Thanks to Daphne for pointing out my wayward ways to me.) At least the freakish likes of Todd Burns, Peter Nicholson, Dave Segal, Matt Cibula, and Heath Hignight out-weirded me. Next time Wilco releases a record, I'm voting for it; wait, and watch my normalcy rise!

Prize of the year goes to Yancey Strickler at #666. Make no doubt: the numerologists are buggin'.


that was brando, not dean. (see: wild ones)

Philip, don't worry. You're more "with it" than me at lowly #745.

*Cameron Macdonald

Hey deviancy is a mark of pride!

re: the first comment here, note that the initial headline to this entry referenced james dean. that is because i am a doofus.

not to cast aspersions on any of the fine indie rags around the net and B&N, but they have a tendency to vote in droves after discussing these things amongst themselves (one in partuclar convinved 20 or so writers to support black dice's beaches and canyons a year or so back), hence why their blocks of furnances of wilcos do so well. surprised nino rojo didn't fair better on this thing though. and how do you get on this anyway? i mean wrote for tons of magazines and was never asked.


lemme take back that convinced 20 or so ppl to vote for black dice (not that they weren't dserving)thing. my point is a lot of magazines discuss the releases on their mailing lists before hand hence everyone is on the same page and has a tendency to vote in blocks for what are derived to be the essential albums of the year. nothing evil, just pack mentality. also just remembered nino rojo didn't come out till 2005. ahh well.


oop.. no just checked. nino rojo was september 2004. damn you Pazz and Jop for not representing the free-folk even Otis mentioned the milk eyed mender.


uh, Rejoicing in the Hands placed 28th; The Milk Eyed Mender was 20th; Sung Tongs was 21st. there's plenty of freak-folk on the list--in fact, there's entirely too much of it.

Yo, there can never be too much freak folk on any gosh-darned list.

actually after hearing vitiver and joanna newsome it seems to be becoming a style instead of a new type of music. didn't like rejoicing in the hands also.

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