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Wax, trax, and kleenax

Roused myself from the sickbed just long enough to open the new issue of Wax Poetics, aka the Analog Jones issue (as of this posting, the website hasn't been updated for the summer issue). How great is this magazine? You get RJD2 talking about the Geto Boys, Tears for Fears and Elliott Smith. You get Oliver Wang in convo with Dante Ross. You get a massive piece with luscious B+ photos on Joe Zawinul, including vintage ads for Rhodes and ARP that brought me back to my days of being a Keyboard reading middleschooler salivating over synthesizers (and occasionally rigging up my Korg Poly-800 with a guitar strap, just like they did it in the ads). And you even get part two of my piece on "experimental turntablism," this time featuring Philip Jeck, Janek Schaefer, and Institut Fuer Feinmotorik.

Extra props to Wax Poetic for being one of the only magazines out there these days to give its writers real space in which to stretch out. When my turntablism piece ran long, taking some 5,000 words to tackle Christian Marclay alone (in a style one of my readers calls "grade-school essay," but you can't please everyone all the time), they didn't even flinch at turning it into a two-parter.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for it. As for me, it's back to my sick bed and DVD of The Office's second season.


Series Two of The Office is great - but it's also an exercise in pain. You can only watch poor David hang himself out to dry so many times...

Or, for that matter, watch poor Tim pine uselessly after Dawn. I thought he'd found happiness with the new girl, and there he left her weeping at her desk, vulnerable to the skeezy stalkings of the predatory and ultracreepy Garreth. Poor Tim. Why do I identify so with the Charlie Brown types?

Don't answer that.

photo from the weekend involving wearing a korg poly-800 w/a guitar strap! & an xpressway sticker! on top of a bar!

Why, oh why did I ever sell my beloved Korg Poly-800? That could've been ME up there..

Philip, what about that Schaffel mix you did for Sonar? Will we have one day the pleasure to listen to it ? ;-)

philip, season 2 HAS to be chased with the two-part bbc special that followed in december 2002 (?), else you'll be left with a real sour taste.

it picks up three years later and resolves all the threads left hanging at the end of season two. it's a little too tidy i suppose, but most christmas specials are.

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