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Dearly beloved

Writes a reader from New Duluth:

"So is this so-called 'blog' of yours becoming nothing more than a vehicle for the shameless self-promotion of your own writing projects? No new content? No top 10s? No hits and misses? No original thoughts here at all?

Giving up hope,
Luthing It"

Dear Luthing It:
As a matter of fact, you've hit the nail on the head -- except that I am, in fact, deeply ashamed. I look at my Moveable Type interface and scratch my forehead (and occasionally my unmentionables) trying to come up with something groundbreaking, neologistic, or at least vaguely witty. Meanwhile I am watching Ashlee Simpson on the MTV -- with the sound off, of course -- and listening to Hoobastank.

I am so ashamed, in fact, that I wish you would quit reading this blog right now. Instead of reading this blog, you could divert yourself among some of the fine links in the right-hand column. Or better yet, read this piece on Matthew Dear that I just did for Michaelangelo Matos at Seattle Weekly. Or if that doesn't do it for you, you could hightail it to Parkett, where it turns out that my own musings on Christian Marclay are the PDF text sample for the current issue. Just click on the link and enjoy the piece in all its well-designed splendor, and save yourself $32 at the same time.

I've gotta go. I think Ashlee's about to look bored again.


That Ashlee Simpson record would have been ten times more interesting had Matthew Dear produced it.

nice article on matthew dear -

his show in the empty bottle (chi-town) the other day was really strange, and seemed like dear was pulling out a bowie impersonation. it really begs the question whether dear and the kompakt crew will push to the mainstream, like DFA has been tempting.

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