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Will you be my Valentines?

This is quite possibly the strangest thing I have seen on the web in a long, long time. The premise: dude is looking for female spouses to enter into a polygamous relationship with him and to bear him multiple children. Or, as he so clearly bullets it in his "Basic Plan," "2 - 6 women to have 2 - 15 children by me."

"The preferred situation tends toward the higher numbers."

But before you write this guy off as just another oat-sower, just keep reading until you get to the part where he specifies, "When the children reach 18 years of age, I would like for each of them to have 2 children with a mate selected by me" - and then proceeds to elucidate his plans for grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

And you thought Fiddler on the Roof was twisted.

The strangest thing about it all, though, is the geniality of his language - it's neither highfalutinly legalistic nor black-helicopter-spottingly religious and paranoid, two things you might expect. As he puts it, "Some may wonder why I want the situation that I've presented here. I guess the simplest answer to this is that it is just what I want. Some people want to climb Mt. Everest, some want to drive race cars, some want to knit. I don't want to do any of these things. But what I do want is what I've set forth on this web-site." He comes off like Brigham Young of the Prozac Nation.

Wait til you get to the pictures. He looks, oddly enough, a little like Iggy Pop with a touch of Lee Ranaldo. (Hmmm.... the roots of his selective breeding thing?) Whatever you do, though, don't click on the "Erotica" section (or, "pictures of me that are more showy"). I have to go wash my brain out now.


It all seems (twistedly!) sincere and serious enough until you get to the pictures--and then one wonders if it's just another elaborate internet prank (the pics taken in the yard, with the face completely covered?!? the pinup nudes?!?! rotfl!!!).

Well, here's a toast to shamelessness!


Some of my strengths are -

Have never had a cavity,
Am in good condition, and
Am healthy.

Have never had a cavity


"In sexual activity, I generally prefer a long, slow build-up with a light and gentle touch."


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