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Current events

Thinking about our pathetic wretch of a president -- except that he deserves not pity but only spit-flecked contempt -- who used his family's influence to weasel out of serving in Vietnam (while, it should be noted, his future vice president was infiltrating anti-war protests on college campuses at the behest of a senator who wanted to strip funding from colleges where there was anti-war activity) and then went AWOL (and possibly deserted) the cushy post he did have, it's hard not to get sick to your stomach reading this story about wounded veterans returning from Iraq.

Georgie Porgie, you're a coward and a scoundrel. There should be a nursery rhyme for you:

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie
Crippled some soldiers, let others die.
When our boys came home from the fray
Georgie Porgie ran away.


it's hard not to get sick to your stomach reading about georgie period. i'll return to the US long enough to vote and depending on the outcome i may expatriate back to sweden where teachers make jokes about GW in class and everyone laughs. it's a sad time for the US and it takes quite a few more packages per month from kompakt mailorder to keep a smile on one's face.

and to maximize/consolidate my commenting, that was a fantastic bit of writing down below about microhouse packing on the pounds. i'm hooked to this stuff like an addict and the way you lay it out the future sure sounds good.

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