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Three things you didn't know

In lieu of an actual post, three bits of ephemera from Chez Sherburne (and no, we don't know why we're so enamored of the word "chez" lately - must be our French Period).

* There's a dead pigeon stiffening on the garbage hutch in the front yard of our house. Strange thing is, it looks like he was placed there. We haven't checked for threatening notes yet, but are hoping it's not related to any recent critical statements we may have made, which we assure were half-hearted at best.

* Wearing khakis makes us nervous. They look great on other folks, but even the high-end ones -- Diesel! Margiela! -- have us casting anxious glances at our shins and thighs, unconvinced that we're not, in fact, naked. (Perhaps only khaki people suffer this anxiety?)

* If you're in San Francisco, there's a bit of a gig tomorrow that's worth checking out: Kean and Dave Aju of Circus Company, The Fresh Blend (IRIS Distribution), and DJ yours truly. Rx Gallery, 132 Eddy at Mason, San Francisco, 9pm-midnight. $5 gets you free, unlimited game play on the gallery's array of vintage stand-up arcade machines (Defender? holla!) and Atari 2600 consoles. Anyone who wants to bring it for a Tempest standoff, it's on.

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