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The whole world just got small

Thanks to the generosity of Blentwell's Jonathan Spooner we're pleased to annouce a new mix up online for your downloading pleasure. It's less a polished set than a rough draft, but there were a few moments just too nice for me to be able to resist passing it on. It's called Barking Spider -- consider it in Beta form, and hopefully I'll hammer out a finished version one of these days. Thirty-seven minutes, 34MB, featuring tracks from St Plomb (Mental Groove), Dominik Eulberg (Traum), Jimmy Edgar (Warp), Jan Jelinek (~Scape), Donna Regina mixed by Michael Mayer (Karaoke Kalk), a whole mess of Superpitcher (Kompakt), plus a few surprises you'll have to listen for. I'll post a real tracklisting shortly. As for feedback, we're like Steve Perry with open arms.

In case you missed the link in that mess of text, you can download it here, for a limited time only, while supplies last. First person to i.d. the source of the intro wins something TBA.

Update! So here's that tracklisting I promised. Short but sweet:

* Nick Cave, "The Atra Virago," Smack My Crack (Giorno Poetry Systems)
* Dominik Eulberg, "Der Hecht im Karpfenteich" (Traum)
* St Plomb, "A Bat in My Shoe" (Mental Groove)
* Jimmy Edgar, "Re: City Alley" (Warp)
* Deadbeat, "Shmaltzing after Midnight" (Kodaira)
* Jan Jelinek avec the Exposures, "Music to Interrogate By" (~Scape)
* Donna Regina, "Star Ferry" Michael Mayer mix (Karaoke Kalk)
* Ghost Cauldron, "See What I've Become" Superpitcher Smallville mix (!K7)
* Talk Talk, "Wealth," Spirit of Eden (EMI)
* Contriva, "Stuck" Superpitcher remix (Monika)


enjoying the mix!
the text of the intro is from nick cave's book "and the ass saw the angel", that must be him reading it?

You're right! It comes from an excerpt included on the Smack My Crack compilation (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1987) -- a bizarre record also featuring Butthole Surfers, Einsturzende Neubauten, Diamanda Galas, William S. Burroughs, Swans, Tom Waits, Chris Stein, et al. Worth picking up if you find it.

Unfortunately, Nathan, CBC Radio 3's James Graham beat you to the punch -- all of six minutes after I posted the mix. James "Lightning Linkins" Graham, big up yourself.

Very nice mix, kudos for that!

*raises lighter*

Absolutely massive and big ups to me for having the sheer luck to coem across it when I did.

Next time I DJ in SF, I'll play out as Lightning Linkins just for you, Phil.

Now tracklisting together, dammit.

You have "Smack my crack"! I lost that album ages ago and miss it still. I loved that Butthole Surfers song for years. I have one of the other albums in the series. "A Diamond hidden in the mouth of a corpse". Good stuff.

Also I actually read "and the ass saw the angel" back in the day.


Yay! I love that Deadbeat track!

Excellent mix, I'm eagerly awaiting the final version + the tracklisting!

yes - very very good. it's finished already innit? when "Wealth" came in i almost spat my tea onto my monitor. i didnt though... i just wept instead.

hurrah! thanks, jed. we're big fans of weeping here. glad to be of cathartic service.

...I started dancing again though and that cheered me up. Could you tell me what the last track is?

jed you're always crying!*

yes, nice set :-).
Best greetz from Germany


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