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A beet, a lounge

The unstoppable beat juggernaut rolls over all who would stand in the way of shameless self-promotion. I've got yet another new mix up online, this one from Thursday night at San Francisco's hallowed Beta Lounge. Click here to launch the set. If you're looking for techno, skip to the end: the first bit of the 3.5 hour set has Hakobo and Yoshito spinning hip hop, then LA's Procussions do a peppy live hip hop set, then Ole 370 throws down a couple of tracks, and I come in around 2:53:00 with the Jochem Spieth schaffel track. What follows is 40 minutes of the usual suspects (Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Areal -- what did you expect?) that actually doesn't sound nearly as rocky as it did at the time.


great whats it all about.

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