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Found this today in a stack of records that propped up against a pay phone in a parking lot in Neukölln. Produced by Frank Farian (of Boney M/Milli Vanilli fame, also Tobias Freund's former employer), it's a medley of pop hits 'circa '83. "Down Under," "Let's Dance," "Eye of the Tiger," "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," "Electric Avenue," "Too Shy," even -- eerily or appropriately, given Michael Jackson's sudden inescapability -- "Billie Jean," sung by a woman who sounds a little like a cross between Tina Turner and Grace Jones. According to Wikipedia, the album was originally recorded for a Sydne Rome aerobics video. The whole package is pretty sweet: recorded in Hamburg, pressed in Bulgaria (for Hansa International), with a center sticker in Russian. Did the Soviets pay Farian royalties? For that matter, did Farian? It's like Girl Talk, 25 years early.

Plus, that Mummenschanz-looking dude on the cover is pretty sweet, as is the dude that looks like a cross between a bellhop and Tron (in red cowboy boots, no less)...


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