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Pepe Bradock

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Radio silence continues, for the usual reasons -- work, parental visits, German lessons, the attempt to squeeze a little recreation into a rainy Berlin summer. But here's a Pitchfork review of Pepe Bradock's excellent Confiote de Bits: A Remix Collection, easily one of my favorite albums of the year, even if it is a collection of the French producer's remixes that stretches back a dozen years. (Best New Music, hell yes.) Not mentioned in the review is something Bradock told me by email after I'd filed -- that he's planning both a collection of his Atavisme singles and also an artist album of new material, hopefully by year's end. Color my breath bated.

Stay tuned for a mid-year roundup of sorts, some new mixes and the usual incidental views of Neukölln.


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Nice review…Until I heard "Deep burnt" played by Efdemin to open one of his set, I didn’t remember how much I like Pepe Bradock...”Confiote de bits” and “Swimsuit Issue 1789” are good records.

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