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One from the vault

As per a reader's request, I've uploaded 2004's Schaffel Is Stronger than Pride mix, originally created for the Sónar festival's listening stations. It was mapped out over the course of a few days and mixed live, no edits, from vinyl. You can download it here until Zshare says you can't any more. Download it and revel in those halcyon days of the early-mid-'00s when 6/8 time signatures battled it out with lumbering four-to-the-floor, and every other record featured a B2 cut that proved thrillingly unplayable in the context of a straight tech-house set. Then came "minimal," and, well, you know the rest of the story.

Schaffel Is Stronger than Pride tracklisting:
T. Rex, Baby Strange (Reprise)
Jürgen Paape, Ballroom Blitz (Speicher/Kompakt)
Electronicat, Amat Salé (Disko B)
T.Raumschmiere, Monstertruckdriver (Novamute/Shitkatapult)
Das Bierbeben, Wir Sind I (Shitkatapult)
Pastamusik, Highway to Brandenburg (Pastamusik)
Robag Wruhme, Wuzzelbud “KK” (Musik Krause)
International Pony, Leaving Home (Playhouse)
Grungerman, Fakeln Im Sturm (Kompakt Extra)
W.B., You Might Say I’m Ruminativen Parfum Rework (W.B.)
M.Mayer, Pride Is Weaker than Love (Speicher/Kompakt)
Konfekt, Fin[Hel] (Areal)
Naum, Ari (Speicher/Kompakt)
W.B., Pusta Reime Im Knubbeltz Verfahren (W.B.)
Konfex, rex[pol] (Areal)
Nost, Is This The End? (Force Tracks)
M Mayer, Speicher 7 (Kompakt)
Superpitcher, To Turn You On, (Kompakt)
SCSI-9, All She Wants Is (Kompakt)
Akufen, My Way (Force Inc)
Goldfrapp, Train (Mute)
Quarks, I Walk – Superpitcher Schaffel Mix (Speicher/Kompakt)
Quarks, I Walk – Moonwalk Mix (Home)
Jonas Bering, Down to Big Sur (Sentrall)


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