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July 31, 2007

Circle the wagons


New writing online: A User's Guide to Wagon Repair at eMusic.

July 25, 2007

Shiver me timbers

So it's official: I have finally crossed over. No no, not like Patrick Swayze in Ghost. I've leaped the "Chinese wall" of music journalism, and this September 7, I've got a record coming out. (Although come to think of it, Patrick Swayze also made a record. Does this mean Lumidee will be covering me soon?)

It's called "Lumberjacking," and it'll appear as the (lucky?) 10th release on the Lan Muzic label, backed by a remix by Exercise One, who the journalist in me feels compelled to mention have just released a cracking remix for Shackleton, as well as the deeply freaky Dark Star EP for Mobilee. The response so far has been gratifying, to say the least, including a charting by the great Gamall, and even radio play on Dave Mothersole's Ministry of Sound Radio show last night. (Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are.)

Regardless of my temporary giddiness, I intend to avoid turning into some kind of self-promo-bot, so I'll simply leave you with a link to my new Myspace page (don't tell me you didn't see that coming), where you can listen to the tracks in all their glorious, 96kbps (for now) high fidelity.

And if you're Lumidee, well, get in touch!

July 19, 2007


It's out! The August issue of The Wire features my (ahem, cover) feature on none other than Ricardo Villalobos. In the post now, and on newsstands very soon, I would assume. I'm going to attempt to finesse the transcriptions of my two interviews with him summer 2006, in Spanish, and summer 2007, in English) and post them in their entirety. But you probably don't want to hold your breath for them, either.

July 09, 2007

A new mix


As all but the most intermittent of readers will have noticed, I'm long overdue for an update. Fortunately I've got a good excuse: today Rayna du Niord of the always-engrossing Modifyer-Modifying blog has posted my installment in her ongoing series Process, in which DJs and musicians submit not only a mix but also a document explaining how and why the mix came together. (Other contributors to the project: DIRTY Soundsystem's Guillaume Sorge, Mikael Stavostrand, [a]pendics.shuffle, Someone Else, Popnoname, Michael F. Gill, Chelonis R. Jones, and many others whose company I'm honored to share.)

To go to the mix and read my annotated notes, click here or on the image above. To preserve the holistic nature of the project I won't link directly to the mix from here, but as a teaser, the setlist includes tracks from Touane, Gui Boratto, Rekleiner, Laven & MSO, Alfonso Mango, Agnés, Phage & Daniel Dreier, The Chemical Brothers, Solomun, Sleeper Thief, Laps, and Cobblestone Jazz. Buried amongst my anecdotes you'll also find a news announcement of sorts that I'm sure many will find surprising. You heard it there first.