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It's out! The August issue of The Wire features my (ahem, cover) feature on none other than Ricardo Villalobos. In the post now, and on newsstands very soon, I would assume. I'm going to attempt to finesse the transcriptions of my two interviews with him summer 2006, in Spanish, and summer 2007, in English) and post them in their entirety. But you probably don't want to hold your breath for them, either.


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Really liked your article in P-Fork today Mr. Sherburne. The tracks I've gotten so far are killer. Any way you could do a zipfile of the whole thing? That would be SWEET.

Thanks Nick! I'm not going to provide a zip of the tracks because I'm a believer in supporting the artists & labels by buying vinyl or MP3s... Consider me an ally of Ewan Pearson in the debate Ronan recently referred to in his House Is a Feeling blog. But at least a few of them ought to find their way into a DJ mix of mine soon, which I'll upload when done. Cheers!

So I specifically got hold of a Wire-copy for this interview… It's a very interesting and well-written piece indeed, certainly some healthy food for thought concerning the ever-growing tension between how this particular artist sees himself and the party-like-a-rockstar-way in which he’s often portrayed nowadays.

I especially appreciate the way you emphasize the deeper & darker undertones of Villalobos’ oh-so skillfully shaped rhythms and how this (partly) relates to his outlook on social and political life. It’s something that gets overlooked in a lot of press-clippings (let alone on all those strung-out dancefloors), but I think it’s indeed the very essence of his music – and the main reason why I, ever since his Sense Club-days, still feel the overwhelming urge to sort out his releases from that growing pile of uninspiring, Berlin-inspired records.

Villalobos still sounds like no one else out there. And regardless of his influence on all things superfluous and minimalicious, the man is in it for the long haul, no doubt. As long as his loops will not make sense entirely, I sure will care to listen.

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