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If you ever needed proof that camcorders and YouTube are probably not the choicest dough for baking up a batch of dubstep-approved Bass Communion wafers, this footage should convince you--but it's still pretty enlightening to get the firsthand view of the real sublo, slo-mo, seaweed-flo type shit.

Thanks to the everrad J-Shep for bringing our attention to it. One thing, though: Julianne says, "I would really like to see the sound of dubstep merge with B'more club-level enthusiasm on the dancefloor." Could someone please explain Baltimore club to us? Why it's any good, why we should care, where we should start? Last time we were in "B-more," as the younguns seeem to be saying, we were at an all-ages Universal Order of Armageddon show at the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall (and believe me, you haven't lived until you've seen UOA at the VFW). Which is a long way of explaining how we're kind of out of step with contemporary developments in Baltimoricity.


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