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Gah, it's Pitchfork Wednesday, and I've got nothing to show for it on the blog end. I'm still editing photos — the few that came out; still getting a handle on the new Nikon partycam — and I realized that I never did explain how my brain ended up on the floor of the DJ booth at Moog. (That's what happens when that, uh, happens.) Plus my audio interface just died, which is occupying much of my energy on this end (plus housecleaning post-Sónar, something I wouldn't wish on anyone.) The good news is that I finally have DSL at home. Only six and a half months' wait! Congrats Jazztel.

So photos and another story or two coming soon, plus hopefully capsule reactions on the mogollon of new promos I snagged at MUTEK, Sónar, and from recent shipments from the kind folks at Word and Sound.


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for me, it's always ellen allien's 'brain is lost'.

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