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Assume the prone position


The MUTEK panel I moderated, "Records... Dead?" featuring Tom Hoch (Beatport), Marisol Segal (IODA), Billy Kiely (Forced Exposure), Joerg Heidemann (MDM), and Pheek (Archipel) has been archived for podcasting at In Over Your Head. (Thanks to the gsnuff at Tribe for the link.) It's worth a listen — at least might make for a good dishwashing soundtrack, or some such.


weird, i'm having some issues leaving commens on your blog. anyway, i really enjoyed your panel!

super bizarre. your form gives me an error unless i remove all of one par*icular le**er in my sen*ences. never seen any*hing like *his.


thanks so much for making available this podcast. this seems to be a wide ranging topic these days and it was great to have some of these different voices all together in one place...conversing. from the quality of digital recordings, to the availability of single tracks vs. entire albums, to the exposure that mp3's grant artists...

personally, coming from the audience (not a dj, not a promoter, not a critic, not a writer or journalist) i can say that without open information (are you familiar, open source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source), my tastes would not have evolved to where they are today. it seems that perhaps there needs to be a broader shift in terminology/legalities that re-centers the middle so that there is less of a gray-zone. perhaps all of this is still so new that a language and comfot level with what is o.k. is still being developed. it is interesting though, as function drives design (both mechanically and digitally), how these listening devices evolve as objects. i think as long there is a beautiful objectness to sound, that both will be around for a while.

Also check [ http://www.velvetpanda.com ] for podcast archives of the panels. tV

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