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We recommend this bubble bath

Ellen Allien & Apparat's Orchestra of Bubbles reviewed on Pitchfork today. (My first review there to get a "recommended" tag! We're moving up in the world.)

For those of a Krauty bent, my piece on NEU! went up on eMusic today. And for those of you who are eMusic subscribers, or thinking about becoming one, I'm thrilled to announce that among the many fine additions to the catalog are fat back catalogs from Ladomat2000 (including a treasure trove of releases from Turner, Lawrence, Carsten Jost, and Sensorama aka Alter Ego) and Moon Harbour, including Daniel Stefanik & Mathias Tanzmann's well-titled "Bad Ass Mixes", which are exactly that.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Berlin to get properly Perlonized. How's this for a lineup:

05.+ 06.05.2006
05.05.2006 Dandy Jack And The Junction SM (live), Sammy Dee, Zip, Ricardo Villalobos
06.05.2006 Matt John (live), Daniel Bell, Sammy Dee, Zip, Carabina 3030 (live), Markus Nicolai (live), Baby Ford, Thomas Melechior, Luciano, Cabanne

Two nights, 14 artists, and I'm sure there'll be a surprise or two, no? I fully expect to come home with an enormous, angled and shadowed san-serif logo tattooed across my back (with no idea how exactly it got there).


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