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...In which our narrator suddenly finds himself quite busy

In blog time, a month is like a decade, which means that my credibility as a blogger, at least in terms of timeliness, must be sinking lower than the print mags'. So be it. In the absence of proper content, a few quick updates:

Whither Minimal? — Today's monthly Pitchfork column unpacks an increasingly cluttered set of baggage.

MTV URGE — I've got a new Informer Blog up here, along with a number of my favorite fellow writers; I'll be checking in a few times a week to wax ecstatic on new releases and back-catalog goodies. Current posts discuss Perlon at the Panoramabar and Carl Craig's mastery of the remix. (Apologies in advance to Mac users (like myself) that can't actually see the thing.)

Trax — My interview with Ricardo Villalobos makes the cover of the June issue. This is print only, and Spanish only, but visitors to Sónar will be able to pick it up on newsstands around Barcelona. Stay tuned for a Pitchfork feature in the not too distant future, plus possibly a full interview transcript in English here on the blog. (Don't hold your breath for the latter, though.)

Apparat, D. Meteo & Philip Sherburne — Saturday, May 27 at Lolita, Sala Razzmatazz (Barcelona)

Música en Proceso — A roundtable discussion at Barcelona's CCCB featuring Oriol Rossell, David Albet, Jace Clayton and Philip Sherburne, followed by a concert by Spring Heel Jack and Miquel Gil, featuring drummer Mark Sanders and guitarist Spyros Kaniaris. Monday June 29, 7:30pm.

MUTEK 2006 — see you there! Don't miss my panel, Records Dead? featuring David Day (Forced Exposure), Joerg Heidemann (MDM), Tom Hoch (Beatport), Pheek (Archipel) and Marisol Segal (IODA).

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