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Showdown over Chicago

Like Soylent Green's La Forca del Destino (Klang/Ongaku/Playhouse), Crowdpleaser & St Plomb's 2006 (Mental Groove Ltd) is totally setting the pace for this year's house- and techno-leaning longplayers. A sticky Chicago fixation that can't help from going knock-kneed, a dab of Captain Comatose's unhinged soul, some gaslit gumshoe scuffery, a nose for the long groove and an eye on the mirror-bending horizon. Jawdropping stuff, really.


can these be purchased online anywhere?

neither are out yet; but all playhouse/klang whatnot is available from beatport.com, and i believe mental groove is available from kompakt-mp3.net. also, some older playhouse titles are filtering into emusic via finetunes.

i really wish that emusic had rss feeds of new releases that you could customize by label or distributor or something... it's always such a pain in the ass to dig through 160 new releases to find the three good ones.

Have you heard Ellen Allien & Apparat's "Orchestra of Bubbles" (BPitch Control)? That's pretty great, too. Really pushes the boundaries of strict techno: acoustic double bass samples, turntable scratches, tweaked guitar loops, poppy vocals, etc. Very nice.

Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb have truly worked a great album, I totally agree. Raw but refined. And groovy as hell.

do you have any idea when these are going to be released? they aren't mentioned on their respective label websites.

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