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October 27, 2005

Creepy crawly

Me on Dominik Eulberg's excellent Kreucht & Fleucht in today's Pitchfork. I feel a bit badly I didn't dig deeper into the individual tracks and their interleaving, but wordcount's a bitch like that.

Now it's off to Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event and a panel alongside XLR8R editor and Syrup Girl Vivian Host on "the future of music," which if you ask me (and apparently they will) will almost certainly involve a fusion of nu-folk and hip-house, with liberal dosings of ketaminimal for good measure. (Don't hold me to this.) I promise to post some nice photos of canals upon my return next week.

October 26, 2005

Scan me

Third post in a single day! I don't know what's gotten into me. But if you happen to be near a computer this Saturday between 11pm and 1am CEST (that's 10pm in London, 5pm on the East Coast in the US, and 2pm on the West), tune into Crossfader on ScannerFM.com for some idle chit-chat between myself and David Puente (in Spanish only, sorry Anglophones) and 11 mostly-to-brandy-new tunes from AM/PM, Sleep Archive, George Issakidis, Matt John, Ricardo Villalobos, Aswefall, Motiivi:Tunetematon, RA-X, Reiky, 2 Dollar Egg (Audio mix), and Beckett & Taylor of Hand on the Plow. Full tracklisting here.

C60, go

Courtesy Johannes over at 2nd rec HQ, this is a fascinating archive of cassette models from over the years. Johannes toed the TDK line, but I was something of a Maxwell man — I can still picture my teenage bedroom floor littered with gold, black and white sticker backing from the peel-off labels. (Funny how TDK, Sony and Maxwell Maxell [duh, thanks Piotr] all eventually merged their design sensibilities, more or less.) Those TEACs are pretty fucking fly, though.

Drums & Feathers


This is Matias Aguayo backstage at The Loft, shortly before playing the Lolita room last weekend. Poor guy's jaw was swollen like a motherfucker, due to a tooth infection — you could actually track the swelling's progress between dinner and sound check. Aguayo and his partner, Roccness, must have been fairly cursed that night. First a sampler failed to work, and then after that was (mostly) fixed, one of the cables to the speakers kept failing, leaving odd pockets of asymmetrical sound, with only the left-hand side playing.

Still, they pulled it off with aplomb, recreating the sullen grooves from their phenomenal album Are You Really Lost, and throwing in plenty of new kinks and knots for a true live performance. Aguayo didn't flinch — the painkillers must have kicked in — as he whispered and croaked and crooned. Dude's voice is versatile — why aren't more people inviting him for guest vocals? And Roccness' parts emphasized the sultry undertones of the songs, weaving them together like waterlogged thread and wringing out drops of supersaturated harmonics. Their set was already tighter than it had been at a Cologne warehouse party not two months ago (though I'm not sure Aguayo needed the cowbell — the Rapture's pretty much got that technique on lockdown). If they play near you, see them. In the meantime, buy the album; hands down it's one of my favorites of the year, and definitely in my top five. Some folks on ILM can't get with it, but I maintain that it's one of Kompakt's strongest releases in years — dark, brooding, minimal (yet stuffed full of fuzzy details), totally coherent in mood, catchy as fuck, hypnotic. No, it's not Closer Musik 2.0, but it's at least as good, if for (at times) different reasons. "Drums & Feathers" alone is one of the year's best tracks. Kompakt, are you listening? We want remixes! From Wighnomys, Trentemoeller, AM/PM, Isolée, Pantytec, Alex Smoke! Eulberg! Luciano! Villalobos! Call them! Dance floors will thank you!