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Like a bad penny

Well, whaddaya know, I'm back. Crisis averted. Actual post coming real soon now. Including scandalous MUTEK Mexico photos and everything, promise. So don't go anywhere. Unless it's to put in your copy of Isolée's We Are Monster, which is the album of the year, easy. You can do that. Otherwise, hang tight, await instructions. As for us, we welcome our insect overlords.


Welcome back. "The Return of Philip". By the way what do you think of a new Caro LP? Does Orac still has a good chance of owning your 2005?

PS Shit, it took me fourteen releases to notice that Caro is actually a reversed Orac (or vice versa).

absomofofalutely. orac is on fire right now, especially that caro album. and don't feel bad, it took me about 10 releases to discover same!

Do you have a release date for that Isolee album for us mere mortals?

Nice to see you posting again too!

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