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Cough, test


Before uploading the promised photographic bounty (batch processing my ass), two quick notes. The new issue of Earplug is up here, featuring reviews of Optimo, Jane, and more; an Ubercoolische feature; streaming techno, drum'n'bass, and otherwise — and did I mention three free Kompakt MP3s? Send yr feedback to us here and let us know what you like, what you don't, and what you want more of. (Puppies, rainbows, and curly fries are already in the queue.)

Also, my story on New Order made the cover of the SF Weekly this week, which is exciting for anyone into extended remixes, family anecdotes, or Wilson High School. Stephen Morris was a lovely interviewee, I feel a bit bad I don't love their new album more.


glad to see you're back. looking forward to your usual insightful commentary.

ps: i sent you an email about a show in sf, check it out

Fun to read your story. Congrats on the cover.

Hi Philip, Did you hear "original Hamster's" performance at Mutek MX? How was it? I would like to hear your impressions on that performance.


Great article on New Order. But if you coulda, wouldya have put the live video mix of "Perfect Kiss" on instead, Barney's straining vox and all? Best performance video EVER.

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