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I'm a walking talking customer

From now on, Sundays belong to Jamie Lidell.


Any news on Jamie´s new album?

yes. spill the beans!

"sundays belong to jamie lidell", what??

everyday belongs to jamie lidell dammit!

everyday belongs to jamie lidell dammit!



on record... perhaps he hasnt fulfilled his potential yet..

but have you witnessed him live?

they certainly do! xx

i must know if you've heard the album yet. when's it due again?

i have, and it's amazing. due out.... um, soon? april maybe?

actually no way it can be out in april, since march is almost over. forget that. may? june?

i'll take it back for now, i love super_collider! i'm waiting to have my illusiond shattered about his solo work ;D

Jamie Lidell will release "Multiplies" on june 13th, my birthday

hey philip uds . es gay?
su nuevo amor platonico es jamie lidell?

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