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25 minutes


As far as the mixing goes, there's some sand in the mayonnaise, but that's just a day at the beach, right?

Sharing the tablecloth: Luciano, Studio 1, Hemmann + Kaden, James Holden, and some surprises.


Good stuff as always, Philip. I really enjoyed what you were playing at the Mayer show a coupla weeks ago too; it was nice to hear some of those records one of the better soundsystems in town. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say hi!

Anyway, since one good turn deserves another, here's my latest (well, not technically—I recorded it last August, but didn't put it out there until last night): Slow Down!. 120bpm pitched-down goodness from the likes of Booka Shade, Villalobos, Echopilot, Monne Automne, John Tejada and 2 Dollar Egg. Full tracklist here. Enjoy!

Fantastic dubbed out mix. Very enjoyable for a lunch break on a Friday.

that's a really nice listen. what's the last track? those crystalline synths and reverbed vocals kill me...

well done - as always.

my cat even likes it...

well, i love cats, so that would explain it.

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