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Losing your lease

In the end, the brain retreats to its animal core, the soul cloaked behind dumb sense. Foreign bodies apply pressure, none too subtle, to squeeze out the life force -- cruel landlords exercising the owner-move-in clause who care not that the building crumbles around them. Arbitration is not an option.


Whoa that was dark.

Gotta get happy brother, listen to that MIA/Diplo thing and whig out.

well, p, it's a sign - guess you're just going to have to move to nyc now.

sorry shit is so rough.

joder. pues, nada: a mi me parece que ya debes regresar a bcn...

Consider not smoking for 5 days, hop a quick flight to LA for $39 bucks, its 'mo sunnier and about 80 degrees right now. SF eats its young, especially its young music critics. Take comfort that though NY may be beckoning, right now you'd be freezing your ass off in a half as big APT with all the clubs and bars closed due to blizzard warning. But if your post is literal, and your landlord is about to become a skumfuck slumlord on some move-in type shit, take a deep breath, you can fight it, or rely on your community of friends to get you to that next place. Word.

Towards the first part of Tomas' post, I got a couch and a sunny veranda that's yers if you want it.

don't leave!

I'm pullling for you and pops Phil. Hang in there.

i hope this doesn't mean what i think it does, philip. best wishes ok?

Send you strength.

Wow...that really sucks. Best of luck to you with finding a new place or something similar. Listen to lots of music! It will help :)

my thoughts are with you...

I've got a whole floor of my house that's not being used, if you need a place temporarily. It's on the east side of russian hill around the corner from the art intstitute. Dan S.

I'm sorry for you even though I don't know you and this is the first time I've been to your site - hope you got to dinosaur park.

hey phil,
i've only ever known you as a writer, but i'd like to offer you my sincerest condolences. good luck and keep your chin up.

I feared that's what this post was about. I know only your words, wish I had some of my own to give to you right now. Thoughts are with you.

Now I know what that post meant...I'm sorry to hear. Always keep the everlasting love in your heart. My thoughts are with you and your family.

sorry for your loss philip.

I send my condolences Philip, you're a fantastic writer. I feel terrible for your loss. You can't possibly know everyone that regularly visits this site, but we're thinking of you.

philip, strangers from all over the world love you without really knowing you. my condolences for your loss. just from that photograph and postcard alone, it's obvious that your father was a wonderful man. i'm sure he is looking down on you full of pride and love.

Philip, I'm so sorry about your loss. I've only known you through your writings, but you're in all of our thoughts at this time.


You have my sincerest condolensces.

Te envío un enorme abrazo. Ánimo.

Very sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences.

as a reader for the last several months i sensed this might be the story behind your jan.21 post.

nothing to offer but my sincerest condolences on your loss.

...and from those of us who know you well...we're there when you need us...whenever, wherever.


te conocí una vez el año pasado en una fiesta que tiro la organizacion de arte digital aqui en Austin, Texas. soy escritor de musica tambien y solamente quiero mandar estas palabras del corazon: lo siento, hombre. solamente puedo imaginar el dolor que se siente al perder un padre. ánimo.

Sorry for your trouble Phil, really moved by the picture, I hope you can cope ok at such a bad time,


so sorry for your loss. Many condolences.

My condolences for your loss, hopefully your memories will help.


:( hang in there dude!

phillip. im extremely sorry to hear of your loss. take care. nick

Hello Phillip,

Sorry to read about losing your father. Hope you and your family are well and able to support each other.


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