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Getting closer


Tip! Ewan Pearson has just completed two new mixes of Closer Musik's classic "One, Two, Three No Gravity" for Out of the Loop Recordings. The first mix slows down the tune slightly and adds one of Pearson's signature, chugging house beats underneath, retaining the ethereal feel of the original. "The original idea was just to do a more polished and house-tempo remake rather than a 'remix' - which is really fast and kind of difficult to sequence as a result," confirms Pearson. "Kind of a tribute to a record we loved rather than anything else, continuing my thing of doing 'old-fashioned' remixes that build on the original rather than dumping it entirely."

Then on the B-side, Pearson offers up an acid edit that keeps the vocals but swaps out the underpinning in favor of a queasy acid sequence that burbles and burbles, but never veers into full-on retro territory. Delirious.


Getting closer to the true identity behind Rex the Dog, are we now? Loving the blog, keep it up.

ewan isn't rex the dog. glad you like this phil - told hamish that i thought you'd be into it.

ah this is a belter. reminds me of Ongaku's Mihon or maybe another track from that era. i haven't seen you on kittens recently - come back!


I always suspected that Pearson was a fan of 80s-style extended mixes, but he's now really going out of his way to push this angle every chance he gets. Album soon plz!

i think, jake williams is rex the dog, isn`t he ?

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