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Sometimes I lie

Then again, my favorite disc this year might also be Mouse On Mars' Radical Connector, a record so joyous and poignant that it makes me want to don a coat of feathers and run, run, run. Aside from the Basement Jaxxiness of "Spaceship," I can't even think of any reference points for this thing. Niobe's voice is just the white peach in the yogurt. Send me shivers indeed.


ah, album of the year (yes both of them)? this reminds me of paul morley's recent album notes - http://www.astralwerks.com/eno/disco.html

"Spaceship" doesn't make any sense to me on Radical Connector. It feel so painfully derivative with the other material - i've never found "the end" so comfortable.

Where can one find info about smash tv (outside bpitch) - my googling has come up empty handed.

Here is the Smash TV artist page. http://www.bpitchcontrol.de/artist/11

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