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Torturous logic

Well, of course Rush Limbaugh doesn't "see the big deal here", regarding the abuse of prisoners in Abu Graib -- that bitch is addicted to painkillers, for Christ's sake. You could beat him til kingdom come and he wouldn't feel it.

Rush also noted that the abuse was no different than what Skull and Bones inductees go through. Sorry, Rush, I wouldn't know; I'm not a member of the extreme upper-class being groomed to inherit the full riches of American political and economic power. If I knew that I'd spend the rest of my life as a fabulously wealthy man dictating the fate of the rest of the world, I might not mind taking a broomstick up the ass as a condition of my privilege. But unless the Iraqi prisoners are about to be given directorships at Halliburton and penthouses on 5th Avenue, I suggest that your analogy is lacking.



i'll second that!!!!

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