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Sound at the speed of thought

Marina Rosenfeld: "I've always thought sound was the closest thing to a diagram of thought in the sense that, to actually hear and apprehend it, you have to simultaneously forget and remember, instant by instant."


A very nice thought here. Nice article in the link too.

"If you take a moving image and pause it you have something to look over to study. If you take a sound and pause you have nothing." - rough quote by ?, something I heard in a nature recordist segment on NPR I believe.

I tried doing a piece based on this thought, and it was a huge mess.

Michel Chion covers this topic well in his influential text "Audio-Vison: Sound on screen".
It features a good foreward by Walter Murch (Godfather, apocalypse now) too, who also approaches similar subjects in his book 'In the blink of an eye'.

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