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Ich hab' ein sugar-induced hallucination

Thanks to the fact that it was invented by geeks in the employment of the military industrial complex, the Internet really has only two uses: the proliferation of porn with sci-fi themes, and the rapid dispersion of wire stories like this one, about a squadron of UFOs spotted and filmed by Mexican Air Force pilots.

Fortunately, I have recently come into evidence of something that should get the cubicle-bound corps of cruller-munching code monkeys really hot and bothered: an Unidentified Flying Donut, hovering over Cologne.

(Officials in the Defense Department of Krispy Kreme could not be reached for comment.)


Do you have any pics of the Kompakt shop? Its just kind of assumed legendary proportions in my mind.

haha, got a kick from the UFO story, moreso from the fact that they mention fuckin Jaime Maussan (-the- UFO authority in Mexico, B-celebrity if there ever was one)

being mexican myself, couldn't help but laugh

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