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10 gallon techno


For any readers in the vicinity of Austin, Texas -- it's a small state, right? -- I'll be playing this Thursday night as a part of AMODA's (Austin Museum of Digital Art) Dance Music Edition. Initially the event was to feature Ellen Allien, but US Immigration turned her back at the border due to, as I understand it, Ellen's incomplete paperwork. (Hm, America's newfound isolationism translates into more gigs for me... maybe I'll vote Republican in November! I kid, I kid.) But seriously folks: if you're planning to tour the US, dot your i's, cross your t's, and get those visas. We're feeling isolated enough over here; we don't need artists' slackness making it even easier for Immigration to keep them out. Tell you what: you put up with pain-in-the-ass visa requirements for a little bit longer, and we promise to vote the bastard out of office. Deal?

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