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Miami breach



Miami is a snob's nightmare. Long Island pricesses in Abercrombie and Fitch ass-logo shorts; SUVs trolling for action, men catcalling at anything in a bikini or a miniskirt; the endless parade of surgical flesh and strategically suspended scraps of fabric; running the gantlet of sidewalk restaurant barkers. The gawking. The public drunkenness. Even the surf is paltry; the attempt to ride the choppy waves looks like a second-rate display of machismo, a mere excuse for the ritual of peeling off a wetsuit in the parking lot.

My first experience of a WMC party was more stylish, but not necessarily more enjoyable. (In fact, I prefer the voyeurism.) Two hours to get into the DFA party. Six dollar Red Stripes. Intense claustrophobia on the dance floor. Fashion like a parody of Williamsburg. I can't exactly say I enjoyed myself, though I suppose it all beat sitting in my hotel room watching Martha Stewart trial updates on CNN. And Twitch did play Crackhaus's new single on Musique Risquée, which pretty much made my night.

Today's goal: find a cell phone charger, mine having crapped out. I'd be lost without text-messaging here.


I'm at the music conference as well, covering it for Rolling Stone Argentina(the magazine that you gave SF-J because of the UI piece). I have to say that I'm enjoying myself. Being from Argentina, I thought I would never see someone like Dizzee Rascal (who is playing tomorrow by the poolside at my hotel). Today I saw a Kurtis Blow performance at the beach!! And the Technics event at the Goddess on tuesday certainly seems interesting. I missed your panel, though. Sorry. I wanted to say hello and that I like your blog a lot (hence this message).

The whole thing sounds amazing - I've been jealous of the people going to this for a weeks now ever since I first read about it on the DFA newsletter. I get the feeling that I'd be just as alienated by Miami as get across in the first paragraph, though. I've been avoiding Florida in general for years now!

If a snob benefits from the currency of snobbery, wouldn't Miami then be a snob's dream and not his/her nightmare? Not too say it isn't a nightmare for the more rational of us all but just clarifying...

you know, jazzbo, after i posted that i realized exactly what you pointed out. and indeed you're right - the trash is half the fun. this place is total spectatorial overload.

6 dollars red stripes? Soho must have had a special that night.

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