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Knock knock


The new issue of XLR8R (#72) looks fantastic, if you ask me, but then I'm biased, as it's got a four page spread featuring my photographs from Barcelona's graffiti scene. This is one of my very favorite paintings from this summer, a collaborative piece between David/Vida and someone (f?) sprayed over generations of torn-down flyers, apartment notices, etc., on a heavy wooden door. The style is as primitive as you can get, but something about the use of layers and textures always gets me. I don't think I ever walked past this without stopping for a closer look.


cor, everyone's going all flash on me! good on ya phil! those graffiti boys meet each over on the web and arrange to meet up and vandalise each other countries, it's a little international netwrok...

Yeah, it's definitely an international network - Barcelona's full of spray-toting tourists, some good, mostly bad. (Good ones: Miss Van, Space Invaders, et al.) They've actually put the squeeze on the BCN artists, because they tend to flock to the popular walls, re-painting them with no sense for what was there before. Chanoir had a great piece up in response to this -- his tradtional cartoon cat flipping the bird to the viewer, and saying "Because you have no style, and your graff is uggly" [sic]. Amusingly, no one dared to fuck with that piece for the next month.

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