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Go Check Your Head


Hadn't really been a fan of Ms John Soda until I heard it played out in Tarragona, Spain this summer, in a tiny club called El Cau (The Cave), set inside the city's Roman walls. Like, literally inside -- the club burrows deep under a raised roadway, pushing back through four stone-walled chambers. This picture was taken either just before or just after DJ Omar played Ms John Soda's rollicking "Go Check," a psychrockshoegaze masterpiece, to a listless crowd that didn't deserve it. Omar's set that night was fit for the end of the world; this tune heard the crumbling climax.


I often try and take this picture, but it's always done so much better by other people. A snatched still that describes the track - a psychrockshoegaze masterpiece - perfectly.

Not to mention Omar himself... he used to model a bit back in the day -I still remember him with those two hot chicks in the pages of aB Magazine: the original latin pimp as its best-. So I want to reclaim part of his merit in making this picture so spectacular. Will you upload any Monegros moments, Phil?

"muralleeeeeees, muralles de Tarragona..."

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