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October 26, 2003

Last night a DJ...


Sometimes it feels like this; even more rarely, it actually looks that way too. The Moog club, Barcelona, July 2003.

Another green world


Somewhere in Cataluyna, August 2003.

October 24, 2003

Elephants and Chickens

More Barcelona graffiti, rendered in a slightly sloppy photomerge. This mural, by Ikea (the elephants) and someone whose name I don't know (the "ao del pollo" section) ran along a wall 8 feet hight. It didn't last long before getting plastered over by crappy tourist graf, but while it was there, it was a masterpiece. (Click on image for a more generous pop-up.)

Stinson Beach


Shot at a close friend's wedding. Taking the picture, it was all about color, but in retrospect, there's a domestic cast to the image that's almost uncanny. Can a sand pail be an omen?

October 23, 2003

Knock knock


The new issue of XLR8R (#72) looks fantastic, if you ask me, but then I'm biased, as it's got a four page spread featuring my photographs from Barcelona's graffiti scene. This is one of my very favorite paintings from this summer, a collaborative piece between David/Vida and someone (f?) sprayed over generations of torn-down flyers, apartment notices, etc., on a heavy wooden door. The style is as primitive as you can get, but something about the use of layers and textures always gets me. I don't think I ever walked past this without stopping for a closer look.

Go Check Your Head


Hadn't really been a fan of Ms John Soda until I heard it played out in Tarragona, Spain this summer, in a tiny club called El Cau (The Cave), set inside the city's Roman walls. Like, literally inside -- the club burrows deep under a raised roadway, pushing back through four stone-walled chambers. This picture was taken either just before or just after DJ Omar played Ms John Soda's rollicking "Go Check," a psychrockshoegaze masterpiece, to a listless crowd that didn't deserve it. Omar's set that night was fit for the end of the world; this tune heard the crumbling climax.

October 22, 2003

This blog's unofficial mascot


It's a brand new day

Thanks to a tip from Mr Sasha Frere-Jones, and the infinite generosity of Abe Abstract Dynamics, I've got a new home for my blog -- which, hopefully, will motivate me to post a little more frequently.

I feel a bit like I'm crossing the 'net via stepping-stones -- first there was the shortlived Decay Decor, then Minima Moralia, and now this new (and untitled) outpost.

Stay tuned for more.